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Do you have the same soul frequency?

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True love begins when you shape the relationship together with an open heart and an awareness of who you and the other person are.
Corinna Ackermann-Steegers

Find out the soul frequency for couples, couple takes selfie, soul frequency, determine your own frequency

3 steps to your result:


Register and send photos

Register using the form on this page. Send me a frontal, well-lit portrait of you and your partner. Please take photos where the face and eyes, as well as the head as a whole, are clearly visible so that I can make a good evaluation.


Confirm email address

After placing your order, you will receive two emails: a confirmation of receipt and an email to confirm your email address.


Get result

You will receive the evaluation by email within two working days. Since I look at each pair personally, I need some time. But it is a personal assessment and not an AI!

In your results, you will not only be able to read the soul frequency in numbers, but you will also understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two frequencies in combination. You can then apply this information on your/your further path.

Sand Textur

Jetzt Seelenfrequenz für nur 49,-€ entdecken

Foto hochladen
Foto hochladen

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