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Do you have problems relaxing properly? Not only does your body suffer, but also your stress resilience?

You know how it is, a long day at work and then you come home and everyone wants something from you. The children, your partner or at least your pets. There's always something!

But your body longs for rest and relaxation.

Whenever you try to meditate or take a midday rest, you can't relax. Your thoughts keep circling around what happened or what still needs to be done, and so you give up on relaxing altogether and carry on rushing through the day until you can hardly keep your eyes open on the couch in the evening.

If this sounds familiar to you and you're probably on the verge of burnout, it's high time to calm down with the audio "Pure Relaxation". But even if it's not that bad yet, this is always a great idea!

Corinna's calm and pleasant voice, which has even been measured and confirmed by a music expert as a 432Hz voice, helps you to relax more easily. Accompanied by very pleasant music, which sets your subconscious mind to relax in the first few minutes, you finally reach a state of inner peace.

Corinna helps you find relaxation with autogenic training combined with hypnosis techniques. In the future, if you listen carefully, you will soon be able to do this on your own. Because your subconscious learns through repetition. And if you use the audio every day for at least 21 days as a relaxation break in the office, at home or even in a parking lot in your car, your body will learn to relax anytime and anywhere. As soon as you say certain words to yourself and direct your attention to certain body parts or body functions, you will soon relax completely automatically.

From now on, enjoy 30 minutes of time out for your body, mind and soul every day. Recharge your batteries and experience how you go through life healthier, fitter and with more motivation. This short time out during the day will not only save you a lot of sleep, you will also be more productive and more rested during the day.

Schedule a little break every day and let those around you know that you won't be available at that time. You'll see that this loving act for yourself will not only increase your ability to relax, but also your self-love and self-esteem!

And the best thing is that your relationships with other people will also be more relaxed - because a relaxed person approaches other people differently. So your fellow people will benefit from it too!

I wish you a more relaxed life!

Pure relaxation

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