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Soul frequency: What it reveals about your relationship

The saying, 'We are on the same wavelength' has a much deeper meaning than we sometimes realize. Because every person has a certain frequency, a certain vibration that they have been given for this life.

This so-called soul frequency carries the information for the structure and development possibilities of a soul that has incarnated in a body. Even a person's appearance can provide information about the soul frequency. However, correctly reading this requires a trained spiritual view that only a few are entrusted with.

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The vibration of the soul is crucial for the course of life and also the view of the world and the form of consciousness that this person carries. However, it is not set in stone, but changes with experiences and the convictions gained from them. It can decrease or increase during life, depending on which convictions someone gains based on certain experiences. You certainly know this: someone talks to you and you immediately feel a deep connection to this person. This cannot be because of their appearance or what they say. These are only external factors and in the language of the soul they are even only effects. They are not the cause of the effect that someone has on you. In fact, it is the frequency with which a person meets you. If two frequencies meet, it can either create a very beautiful pattern that looks very harmonious, or they interfere with each other and you immediately feel that it is better to get out of each other's way. You also know this from music. Harmonious sounds calm the mind, while dissonant sounds strain and excite the mind. Here too, it is the different frequencies and tones that either fit together or not. If you resonate with the frequency of the person you are talking to, you feel comfortable and understood with that person. You don't need a lot of energy to be close to them, to organize your everyday life and to pursue and achieve the same or similar goals together. If you have someone at your side who is on the same wavelength as you, i.e. who has the same or a very similar soul frequency, everything is easy for you and you also feel very well supported by them. Conversely, it is of course also the case that there are soul frequencies that do not harmonize so well. This is because there is a very large difference in the frequency range. Basically, the overlap of what connects two people is rather small and it takes a lot more energy to communicate with each other, make joint decisions and strive for and achieve the same goals. But what do you do if the latter is the case in your relationship? Basically, all relationships in life are always a field of development for us. When we enter into a romantic relationship, it is usually for two reasons:

opposites attract

We find these differences, and therefore the different frequency ranges, exciting and attractive, even if they can cause problems on closer inspection. This is where the greatest scope for development lies, even though the journey together is usually perceived as unstable and significantly more strenuous.


People of the same kind stick together

We feel more attracted to someone who is like us. This can usually be seen in the fact that the partners look very similar and also that they easily cope with everyday life and all of life's challenges. Development here is usually more gradual and less bumpy, but it can be that both partners do not develop very much in one lifetime because they are very careful to stay in the same frequency range. An increase in soul frequency is usually only possible here if they pursue spiritual goals together and actively support each other accordingly. I like to lovingly call these couples: twin flames. Because they burn together for the goals they have set and always find new common goals so that they can continue together.

But that’s not all.

There are people who have come to prepare for a new soul frequency for the next life, for example through spiritual practice, or even to reach it during their current life. For some, this is even their original soul frequency, from which they had moved away in a rather negative way in past lives. They are therefore on the way back to their actual frequency and therefore usually almost impossible to stop. For outsiders, this path can seem very strange. But if you know about it, it is much easier to deal with it and to support the other person further by letting them do what is necessary. Many develop unconsciously at the beginning, in childhood or even in their young adult years, until they notice that their consciousness is changing and they notice more than others. Some have had this clarity about their other consciousness since childhood. It can be that a person who actively increases their soul frequency looks at their environment differently, receives more information from the spiritual world and thus becomes an active designer of their life.

The latter are among those people who either have different partners after certain stages or no partner at all. This is also very easy to explain. Spiritual ascent can be compared to climbing a very high mountain. While you are climbing this mountain, you meet others who are on certain levels. Not all of them want to reach the summit. Many are satisfied with half the way and enjoy the view from a lower platform. This means that for these people it is absolutely right to take the path this way because if they tried to reach the summit they might not persevere and would overestimate their own abilities. They are then usually at a lower soul frequency and have not yet reached this level of consciousness. To protect the individual, the possibilities are limited in certain vibration levels. The higher you climb, the more possibilities you have, but this also requires a very conscious approach to the newly gained freedom. Depending on the choice you make here, this can lead to you going back down the path a few meters because you couldn't see that the path leads away from the summit. Such a detour takes some effort and costs time, but it doesn't stop a real summiteer. This is why spiritual development is only possible over several lifetimes. For most people, this is a slow, rather unconscious process, while it is only at higher altitudes that the consciousness is such that you recognize the path and consciously choose it yourself. Nobody comes just once and immediately climbs Kilimanjaro. But there are those who have been here many times and are therefore more experienced in climbing the mountain and therefore already know the path mentally. So this is not the first time they have done this and often remember previous lives and experiences that they draw on. These people usually only meet a lot of people in their lives who ask them: Why do you want to go up there? It's far too strenuous! Just stay here and relax."

These people don't mean this in a bad way. They just can't imagine why anyone would go to the summit. They don't see the benefit in it, just the effort. That's not what is planned for them in this life. And so someone who has a high vibration and a firm will to reach the summit this time cannot always hope for support from those around them. Instead, they have to expect massive resistance.

To achieve this mentally, spiritually and physically, training and endurance are required. Many people use yoga and meditation to train themselves mentally and physically.

The higher you go, the thinner the air becomes and the more adverse the weather conditions. So you need a certain mental strength to reach the summit. You can achieve this with hypnosis by training your mind to focus only on the goal and to consciously walk the path every day. Actively choosing the right thoughts and overcoming negative thoughts and feelings is an important tool here.

Climbing a mountain, rest, viewing platform, soul frequency, same passion

Since not all people have the same goal for this current life, those who have set themselves the goal of reaching the summit cannot always go together. Often the partners get lost along the way because one of them needs a break, but that is completely fine. Because respecting your own limits and taking care of yourself when you can't go any further is also important. There is always a chance that the partner who wants to reach the summit will also take a break and take the time to support their partner. However, if it becomes clear that the partner no longer intends to come to the summit, both must let go and let each other go in love, goodwill and peace. Because limiting someone else's life goal in order to keep them on your own frequency level makes little sense. It is even very intrusive. It would be the same if the partner who wants to reach the summit forced the other to keep going even though they are physically completely exhausted.

It's not a problem if you lose yourself along the way, because we all get new opportunities and remain spiritually connected. It may even be that someone who previously needed a break will later overtake you in great strides. That later could also be a different, new life.

Never say Never!

That's why I ask all couples who split up to keep believing in each other. Every person deserves to be believed in. And how can you achieve your life goal if you don't even believe in yourself, let alone your (former) partner? A real summit climber would never see someone who doesn't want to do that as a failure. Quite the opposite. He knows that at some point he was at the same point and couldn't go any further. He knows that it took him several attempts to get past that point. So he has the greatest respect for the effort the other person is going through and honors him for at least trying! And if he thinks it's better to enjoy a cold beer at the foot of the mountain, that's fine too. Now you'll probably want to know what frequency you and your partner are currently at and what the respective UR soul frequency is. If you're interested, click here. I would be happy to read your soul frequencies and send you information about what the different frequencies mean, what development opportunities the individual has and how far he or she is currently from his or her own original soul frequency. This way you have it in black and white how you can support each other in this life. For some, this will mean that they can master the path together, at least up to a certain level. For some, it will bring the lack of clarity about when it is time to let go and move on courageously without fear. Either way, it serves to strengthen mutual understanding and love.


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