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How to overcome emotional dependence on a man

Are you only happy when he contacts you and you spend as much time together as possible? Does your whole world revolve around this one man?

Do your thoughts constantly wander to him, so that you can hardly concentrate on your work and your plans? And if he doesn't contact you for a long time, do you literally go crazy inside and constantly look at your phone?

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At first, this sounds like a typical infatuation, but it can also mean that you are already becoming dependent on him. Because if nothing else in life brings you joy and your feelings become increasingly negative when he is not around, it is definitely not love!

There are many forms of dependency, and one of the most challenging can be emotional dependency on a man. This type of dependency can occur in other types of relationships besides the romantic relationship, whether it be family ties, work colleagues or friendships.

But the good news is: you can overcome this dependency and regain your own strength and independence. Today I would like to show you a few important steps that you can take to become a self-confident, free woman again.

How to overcome emotional dependence:

1. Acceptance

The first step on the road to independence is to accept your relationship situation, even if it cannot stay that way. Recognize that you are in a dependent situation and accept your feelings without judging yourself. Acceptance is the key to starting the process.

2. Be yourself again

Often, people in dependency lose their own identity because they focus too much on the other person's needs and wants. Start by reconnecting with your own interests, passions, and goals. Remind yourself of who you are and what is important to you, regardless of other relationships.

3. Strengthen your self-esteem

Being dependent on someone can often be accompanied by low self-esteem. Work on building your self-confidence by recognizing your strengths and successes. Practice positive self-talk and try to identify and refute negative thoughts about yourself.

4. Build a support network

To overcome dependence on a man, it is important to build a supportive social network. Connect with friends, family and other people who value and encourage you. These people can help you strengthen your independence and support you during difficult times.

5. Set clear boundaries

Learn to set clear boundaries in your relationships. Communicate openly about your needs, desires and expectations. Respect your own boundaries and stand up for them, even when it is difficult. Healthy boundaries are crucial to maintaining your independence. People who are dependent on others are usually very generous and do not want to hurt others. But setting boundaries means that you must and should protect yourself from being hurt.

6. Develop new interests

Find new hobbies and interests that bring you joy. Discovering new passions can not only fill your time meaningfully, but it can also help you strengthen your own identity and feel more independent. It also helps you focus on other things on a regular basis and take your mind off the man.

7. Consider support

It is perfectly fine to seek professional help to overcome an addiction. Hypnosis coaching can help you understand the deeper causes of your addiction, develop healthy coping strategies and incorporate them into your subconscious, making it much easier for you to implement points 1 to 6.


Overcoming dependence on a man requires one decision above all: putting yourself first in your life and thus returning to self-love. It is a journey on which you will regain your own strength and independence. Remember that you are not alone and that there is support that can help you on this path. By focusing on your personal development and your goals, you will gradually gain the freedom you deserve.


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