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Find your dream partner: how to finally stop being single

Singles who are looking for a partner only want to know one thing:

What can I do to find my dream partner?

Many singles are afraid that this person doesn't even exist and that they are hoping for him in vain. Especially if they have been searching for several years without success.

To prove to you that this is just a negative idea, I would like to tell you that there is definitely a partner for every person. Because in this world, everything exists IN PAIRS.

If we take a look at nature, we can clearly see that the paired arrangement can be found everywhere.

We have two arms.

We have two legs.

We have two eyes.

We have two mouths (yes, the second mouth is the cervix in women and the opening at the glans in men.)

We have duplicates of each finger.

We have each toe in duplicate.

We have two ears.

We have two nostrils. And so on...

happy couple, woman has found dream man, find dream partner, happy relationship, together instead of alone
Happy couple

Not to mention the animal and plant world. Here, there are usually always pairs. The physical structure is also usually recognizable with twice the number of parts. With plants, this is a little harder to understand, but you can see it in the arrangement of the leaves on a tree or the grapes on a vine. One never grows alone. There is never just one leaf or one lonely flower. There is always at least one pair, which reproduces.

If we look deeper into our physical structure, down to the atomic level, we see that atoms consist of two particles: neutrons and electrons. Here, a different charge state, positive and negative, always comes together. The balance that this creates keeps the atom stable. And it has already been scientifically proven that it is always the same neutrons and protons that find each other. There is therefore no chaos, but a deep inner ORDER.

If we go one step further, we can see on a spiritual level that the world we experience outside is the twin or mirror of the world we see inside ourselves. So here too we have a pair: the spiritual world and the material world. These two also follow a deep, inner order that I call basic programming, or divine programming. This is an irrefutable basic law for all living beings and holds the world together.

Everything is connected and that is why we are all closely connected to at least one soul who accompanies us through every life. The only question is: have you found it or not? Because sometimes we are looking for someone we have known for a long time or who has been next to us the whole time.

Love increases when you share it.

Only by sharing or giving your own heart energy can love find its way into your life and spread. If you don't want to share, you can't receive. In other words, if you don't give, you don't receive. If we want to increase love, the best way to do this is with a partner, for the reasons just mentioned. Otherwise we don't have a reflection and we can't experience how much we can love. We can give ourselves love in a spiritual state, but we can only have the EXPERIENCE of what love IS like in connection with a partner. So this world is a world of self-discovery and we are all here to experience love. Self-love is the beginning, the inner attitude, what happens spiritually and what is needed to be able to experience love in the outside, the material world. That is why people who live alone often feel drawn to keep animals, to at least find a reflection of their love in them. Either way, we want to recognize ourselves in others and prefer to look at the positive in order to block out the other side of us. But that this is there becomes clear once we fall in love. And this is where the dance of electrons and protons begins. This is where it begins to become clear how much one can love another, despite the negative charge that everyone carries within themselves.

A few principles to keep in mind:

The whole world is a reflection of your radiance.

Your charisma comes from your inner attitude.

Your inner attitude is a composition of learned thought and behavior patterns that are, at best, in harmony with your basic divine programming. This can change your charisma more for the better or the worse.

This is the key to your self-healing. You cannot change your basic divine programming, but you can change your thought and behavior patterns. In this way, you change your inner attitude and this changes the world in which you live.

Only when you radiate what attracts exactly the partner you have always wanted you may have the relationship you want.

You should first be the person your dream partner is looking for! That's how you will be found.

That's why it's especially important to become aware of who you are and what you really want. Once you've decided that, it's just a matter of keeping your focus on it and not letting yourself be distracted! Even if others who may know you differently are initially astonished and will try to stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. It's also essential to overcome the hurt from old relationships and to carefully examine your own image of men and women and of a good relationship. Many people have simply been shown the wrong role model and therefore rub the opposite sex the wrong way. They don't know how to approach an interesting person, how to express their own emotions, how to behave in difficult situations with their partner and what solutions they can find that make living together much easier. The key here is your inner attitude and the will to get to know what you may not yet know. Because only when you become internally free of old ideas and outdated concepts about relationships can your heart energy flow freely again and your charisma be the one that makes you attractive to the right partner. Only in this way can you allow yourself to attract a partner that you would otherwise never have seen or even imagined within your realm of possibilities.

We always receive what we give. And we always give what our counterpart is prepared to receive with his or her inner attitude. This is a cycle.

happy couple, freshly in love, beautiful people, couple in nature, dream partner found, find dream partner, dream man, dream woman
Mission accomplished: dream partner found

If you have checked your inner attitude and focused on a specific partner, even if you haven't met them yet, then it's time to TRUST! Your self-confidence and trust that everything is right, the way things are going in your life, is the key to the universe. Because the more you trust yourself and the universe, and are sure that there is a person out there who is a better match for you than anyone else, the more you give this information to the universe and show that you are ready to RECEIVE this person physically in your life. Because spiritually, this person is already there.

If a woman is looking for a partner, she can become desperate because her false charisma prevents him from finding her and from working hard to get her. She can find it difficult to attract a man who is suitable for her because her charisma is masculine and dominant, for example. But this shows a potential partner that he is not needed. If a man is looking for a partner, he can become desperate if he only meets women who have this masculine energy. He too can find his balance between femininity and masculinity in order to approach a woman in the right way and thus arouse her interest. This means that men can learn to read women better and not take everything so personally, especially not a woman's facade. Because only if a man manages to activate the feminine in a woman and address her in such a way that she can let herself go, will he get behind the dominant facade and win her over. Then he can have a woman by his side who he might never have held in his arms otherwise. And that's only because the woman's facade has so far deterred him from any attempt to approach her. It is therefore easy to see that a real checkmate situation can arise between a man and a woman.

Both want each other, but neither knows how to do it.

Women want a man with whom they can feel SAFE in every respect. Women who appear dominant in particular often have a lot of hurt inside them and cannot trust a man well. They prefer to live alone because they are afraid of being disappointed and hurt again. They are often very successful in their careers and rarely let their vulnerable side be seen. Even if there is never a guarantee of a long relationship, a man must still give it to a woman so that she can get involved in love again. A little more perseverance is required here. Men are richly rewarded for this. Men naturally want to conquer, do the rough work and protect and feed their wife and family. They want to be needed! This is a basic programming that still works. If this is activated by the woman's behavior, the man is on fire and behaves in the way the woman needs to feel safe and be able to let go. A woman who can do the latter is ready for anything and will always give her man a lot of love and attention. Both together result in a divine order. Both get what they really need. Even though many people today say that they don't need a partner, most of them still want a love relationship that lasts forever. They are broken inside and deeply disappointed by previous relationships where the man wasn't masculine enough and the woman wasn't feminine enough. These deeply disappointed people usually claim that they would rather stay alone than deal with the pent-up hurt and thus become free inside for love again.

Why do so many people do this?

Because it can seem like dealing with these injuries is exhausting. We are programmed to avoid the pain. And because of this, our own mind often stops us from looking at the pain again to find the real cause and to find peace with ourselves. We then often live in an inner prison in which we constantly run away from the emotions, which only become stronger as a result, and our external experiences can only reflect this unseen pain. That is why so many people have recurring disappointments in their lives. It is like a vicious circle from which there seems to be no escape.

But that's basically the same as if you have an accident on your bike and then decide that bikes are inherently dangerous and that you shouldn't ride them anymore. But bikes themselves aren't dangerous. And if you had taken the time to remember how the accident happened and what you yourself contributed to it, you would see the situation as less dramatic and dare to get on your bike again. This is the only way to open the door to having a better cycling experience.

This is also the case when you have repeatedly failed in relationships and ask yourself whether you are even made for relationships. Basically, each of us is made for relationships. We need relationships. They are the spice in life's soup. And a love relationship is and remains the most beautiful thing that can happen to us in life. Giving up this experience to avoid an old pain costs more energy than taking a moment to deal with the pain, transforming it and thus healing your own heart.

A person who wants to be found therefore has an important task in order to open themselves up to a long-term partnership. They should create a balance between femininity and masculinity depending on their gender and heal the old wounds from previous relationships.

To answer the question of how to find your dream partner, I would like to summarize:

Stop searching and instead work on reviewing and changing your inner attitude, your previous role models and the injuries from previous relationships. This will help you to be at peace with yourself and to trust that the right partner can come to you any day. This will automatically attract this person and you will be internally ready to recognize him because you know exactly what he is like. You will also not be so focused on the outside and will stay more energetically with yourself. If you are a woman, pay more attention to living your femininity and not trying to take the scepter from the man. Let him take the lead, even if you know and have already proven to yourself a thousand times that you are strong enough without a man and a queen in your kingdom. If you are a man, make sure you see a really great woman behind the dominance and see it as an opportunity to go even further into your masculinity and thus leadership. You will see, she will melt in your hands as soon as she feels safe with you. Maintaining this state is also the responsibility of the man in order to keep the relationship together. If your wife loses the feeling of being safe with you, she will start to distance herself from you internally and automatically go back into self-protection, which is evident through dominant behavior, frustration, argumentativeness and much more. You are certainly familiar with this from previous relationships. You have read many guides, this blog and yet you don't know how you can manage to attract your dream partner on your own? Then I want to tell you that, as in the rest of the world, it is easier to find solutions in pairs. This also makes it easier to find your solutions and implement them through coaching from someone who is unconditionally devoted to you. With my personal coaching, in which I use hypnosis, for example, to resolve emotional injuries from previous relationships, I support you in manifesting clarity, self-assurance, self-confidence and inner peace in yourself in the shortest possible time, so that you are ready to receive your dream partner.


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