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Acceptance: your key to inner peace

In a world that is constantly changing and where we are constantly faced with new challenges and unpredictable events, the art of acceptance can be one of the most valuable skills we can learn. The power of acceptance not only helps us to better cope with difficult situations, but it also enables us to have deep inner peace and a fulfilling life. What all this has to do with our relationships with one another is what this blog article is about.

What is acceptance?

Acceptance means accepting the current circumstances of our existence as they are, without judging them or trying to change them. It means accepting the fact that we do not always have control over external circumstances and that there will be times when we are confronted with things that we cannot change. Acceptance is not resignation or passivity, but rather a conscious decision that allows us to find inner peace and focus on what we can influence and only put our energy into what is actually within our power.

Lovers, loving glances, holding hands
Acceptance creates space for love

The benefits of acceptance

  1. Stress reduction: One of the most obvious benefits of acceptance is the reduction of stress. When we close ourselves off to reality and try to change things that are outside of our control, we create inner resistance and tension. Through acceptance, on the other hand, we can reduce this stress and remain more calm in difficult situations. In concrete terms, this means in relationship work that by accepting a current situation, no matter how undesirable it may be, we first create the space for things to flow.

  2. Better interpersonal relationships: Acceptance also promotes better relationships with other people. When we learn to accept others as they are, without trying to change them, we create an environment of trust and openness. People feel more comfortable in our presence when they are accepted, and this strengthens the bonds between us. Of course, we always succeed better with people who are similar to ourselves. But the real challenge is to accept EVERY person as they are, even if we don't always like everything that person does in their life. One thing is particularly important for love relationships: in this close relationship, surround yourself exclusively with someone with whom you can easily be yourself. Because the less energy you have to expend to feel accepted and comfortable with someone, the closer this connection will feel. And that's why it's important to lovingly accept your own weaknesses so that your partner can also feel accepted by you. Because what you attribute to yourself, you also attribute to your partner.

  3. Increased self-esteem: Self-acceptance is an important part of personal development. By accepting ourselves as we are, without judging ourselves, we can strengthen our self-esteem. This allows us to focus on our strengths and improve ourselves, instead of constantly thinking about our perceived weaknesses. In relationships, however, there can also be times when our partner reflects these weaknesses more than their strengths. If this is the case, stay true to yourself and practice giving yourself the love that your partner cannot give at the moment. The reasons for such a phase can be varied and do not always have to have anything to do with you as a lovable person. However, it may be that both parties need to actively look at things in order to put this phase behind them as quickly as possible.

  4. More serenity: Acceptance leads to inner peace and calm. We learn not to let external circumstances upset us, but to use our inner resources to deal with life's challenges. Challenges in a relationship are easier to overcome if you learn to accept the situation and approach your partner from this inner attitude. If you react to problems with calmness, your partner may also be calmer and judge the situation less dramatically. This is a great way to practice tools together for more calmness, which can then be used when things are not going well.

How to develop the power of acceptance

  1. Self-reflection: Start with honest self-reflection. Recognize where you are having difficulty accepting the current circumstances, whether in relation to yourself or others. Identify the areas in which you try to control things or people and let go. No one wants to be controlled or controlled in a relationship. So make sure that the boundaries you want for yourself are also allowed to be those of your partner.

  2. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is an important key to acceptance. Learn to be in the present moment without brooding over the past or worrying about the future. The practice of mindfulness helps you to accept what is right now in its pure form. Meditation can help to increase mindfulness in everyday life and to behave more consciously when with your partner and family.

  3. Let go: Practice letting go of expectations and the need to change things that cannot be changed. Trust that you have the skills to deal with life's challenges, even if you cannot control them. Because it's not about constantly optimizing your life. Rather, it's about learning to deal with the normal challenges of everyday life, in your relationship and much more, in a way that keeps you at peace.

  4. Seek support: It is helpful to seek support from friends, family members or a therapist/coach to help you develop acceptance. Sharing with others and learning from their experiences can be very valuable. I can support you in using hypnosis to clear away old beliefs that hinder you from being yourself and instead integrate perspectives and beliefs that are much more useful to you in your relationship with yourself and others. This will also make it much easier for you to let life take the lead and enjoy the miracles that come your way through your acceptance.


The power of acceptance can help us lead a fulfilling and contented life. By accepting the here and now as it is, we reduce stress, strengthen our interpersonal relationships, increase our self-esteem and find inner serenity. The ability to accept can be learned and requires practice, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Acceptance is the key to inner peace, peaceful relationships and thus to a fulfilling life.


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