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Paare auf dem Strand

Every couple is different

Go beyond the boundaries of your previous ideas of a love relationship with couples counseling and experience the clarity and deep knowledge of the subconscious

in relation to your very individual partnership.

Find out what connects you and how you can overcome the aspects that divide you.


Video only available in German.

That is why couples counseling
with me is different

Whatever happens in a relationship, there are always underlying beliefs and emotional patterns that both people have already brought into the relationship.

Nobody comes with an empty backpack!

Because of this, couples counseling that is intended to bring about lasting change requires not only looking at what is happening in your relationship on a daily basis, but also, above all, what the real cause of it is.

What people are looking for in a relationship can basically be summed up in one sentence:

We want to heal the emotional baggage we brought with us.

However what usually happens is not healing, but rather a mutual sharing of problems. This means that in worse case both partners just want to swap backpacks or at least give everything that they find negative and stressful in their backpack to the other and then go their separate ways to repeat the game with the next partner. 

That doesn't sound very romantic. Unfortunately it isn't.

In order to build a stable relationship, you can no longer avoid taking a close look at the contents of your backpack and letting go of the emotional baggage without burdening others with it.

Of course, it happens that you see whose backpack you were carrying through your life for so long. 

This backpack desperately needs your attention.

Because if you want your relationship to become a real LOVE RELATIONSHIP this time, you can first look into the backpack you have with you. And you can see what this has to do with your partner and what true meaning and purpose the relationship with him or her fulfills.

Once you get to the bottom of this, you will have an easier time either turning the relationship into a real LOVE RELATIONSHIP or consciously breaking up to end this game and free both of you from it.

And the best news: You don't even need both partners, as it can be very helpful if one person takes the first step.

a real


Change always begins with the first step!

Today is the best day to take this first step.

Book your free initial consultation now, either for yourself or as a couple. 

Both ways are a start!

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