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The key to self-knowledge

Basically, hypnosis is a rediscovery of an ancient, completely natural way of maintaining the health of body, mind and soul. It offers us a very quick intervention for psychological problems, but it is also indispensable in the field of mental strengthening and positive lifestyles.

We humans enter certain frequencies several times a day that ensure that information that reaches us is processed and integrated. This happens through daydreaming, staring, and also when falling asleep and waking up. It is the area of perception that lies between being awake and sleeping. The brain also often enters this state when consuming social media or watching television.


In this frequency range we can receive inner images and also recall things we have heard and felt. We can then integrate this information consciously or unconsciously.


Video only available in German.

This way new connections are created in the brain and existing ones can be questioned and changed. However this is only possible if you become aware of these internal processes and actively work with them. Because people tend to repeat what they know over and over again, even if it is not for their own good. Often an unconscious decision is made FOR the habit, instead of making a new decision and giving the subconscious new impulses.

I use hypnosis to address this issue and give my clients the chance to make lasting changes that would otherwise have taken much longer. The subconscious mind accounts 90-95%, while the conscious mind only accounts 5-10%. This means that we move through the world completely automatically and do most things unconsciously .

The subconscious often unintentionally leads us into dangers and situations that we would never have chosen if we were fully conscious. The subconscious therefore acts like a magnet for what is already stored in it and considered successful. A person can be very successful in being unsuccessful. The subconscious doesn't care whether it causes pain or not. It is only there to implement what is set in it. It doesn't decide what effects it will have.

If someone gave you the key to access your subconscious mind, to look at your paradoxical beliefs and change them so that you can live a more joyful, loving and conscious life, would you still hesitate to accept it?

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