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Corinna Ackermann-Steegers, Couple Coach, Mental Health Coach, Spiritual Healer, Hypnosis Therapist

Corinna Ackermann-Steegers

With my work, supporting people to (re)discover themselves and to dissolve the external barriers and internal blockages that impair their joy in life and development is what I love and live.

Of course, as a woman, mother of a son and previously of three stepchildren, I know the normal madness of everyday life in all its facets. There is always something to learn and our development never stands still. So relationships with other people, be it in the family or in the wider environment, are always an indicator of what we believe we are capable of and where we have already developed.


I am convinced that evolution is always possible here and that communication plays an extremely important role. That is why topics relating to partnership and family are a central part of my offerings. It is particularly important to me personally that our foundation - the family - is protected. Even if a separation is unavoidable, basic values such as mutual respect, leniency and forgiveness as well as focusing on common goals, such as a plannable and positive life with and without children together, should be upheld.

My own path in life has not been straightforward so far and I have experienced and overcome many fears, separations and pains first hand. After a poisoning accident at my former employer, I was also able to experience how hypnosis can have a positive effect on physical healing and how processes can be accelerated. This realization drives me to offer my fellow human beings cause-oriented solutions every day.

It is my greatest joy to pave the way for my fellow human beings to experience a new, more positive attitude to life in a loving family environment, accompanied by better health!

Do you want to make positive changes to yourself and your life?

Then let's get started!

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